You want your PC repair and Apple Mac repair to be affordable when something goes wrong. You need a company like, where they show up to perform your required computer repair at your home or office. If you’re not sure what kind of laptop repair or desktop repair you need, SpyderwareTech offers free diagnostics at their computer repair shop, and once diagnosed, a quote will be provided.

PC Repair and Mac Repair

Repair services at SpyderwareTech comprise of, but are not limited to:

  • Windows virus removal: a virus cause slow performance, unwanted pop-ups and alerts, redirected websites, failure to connect to the Internet, blue screens of death, fixing slow or freezing computer issues, etc. We can take care of viruses and spyware removal.
  • Retrieval of data from broken computers and servers: if there is no data retrieved, there is no charge. RAID, drobo, NAS, and other server systems are covered and data can be salvageable.
  • Setting up a new network of computers or just a computer or two, transferring old files, and configuring your Internet, operating systems, installing software, and antivirus programs, udpating the operating system without problems, etc.
  • Replacing broken screens or keyboards: it is not uncommon for people to junk their laptop or desktop monitor when the screen is cracked or broken. Fixing the monitor or laptop screen is the better alternative.
  • Fixing various software and hardware issues: the hardware repair services include cracked screens, the installation, removal, or repair of drives, replacing or repairing damaged motherboard connectors, video cards, PSUs (power supply unit), RAM (random access memory).

The SpyderwareTech Advantage

SpyderwareTech employs people who have and abundance of experience and knowledge that goes all the way back to the 1990s. Our competent staff offers 100% customer satisfaction. The IT staff are passionate, understanding, and enjoy what they do. It’s not enough to just know the technical nuances of how IT works, but to be a bona fide IT expert. Passion completes the meaning.

No matter how small or big the problem is with your computer, laptop, or networked systems, we provide a consultation as well as a quote to ensure that you know what to expect from our pricing models. That means no hidden or unexpected costs.

We offer free pickup and delivery!